Pro Vercelli vs Novara手机赌钱游戏平台

Pro Vertselli remains at the last nine games for the championship, with
six draws and three defeats. In the last two he failed to defeat Foggias
resistance (2-1 away) and Perugia (2-0 home). On Tuesday Tuesday (3/4)
against the last, the guests were ahead of Di Karmais goal in 84 , after
Serri assistant. The final result in the match was formed by the same
player in the fourth minute of the delays.

Without a win, the team of Garantonia stayed in their last four home
games (three draws, one defeat). All of them were NG, while less than
three goals were scored. We want only one result in the derby with
Novara, the victory, stressed inter alia the coach of Pre Verceli,
Gianluca Gracantoni.

Novarah scored seven points in the last four games he played for the
championship, where he scored two victories, one draw and one defeat.
More specifically, the De Carlo band beat Brescia (2-1 home) and Cesena
(1-0 home), split from Palermo (2-2 home) to one point, and failed to
bend Hamiltons resistance (1-0 away).

Last week against Cesena, Manieros only goal scored nine minutes before
the end of the 90s. In its last seven away games, Novara has scored one
victory and six defeats. Over four goals scored more than two goals. The
last away win in the derby of Piedmont against Pro Vertzel is dated
October 10, 2015 (1-0).

Pro Vercelli vs Novara手机赌钱游戏平台。玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.85) 2/2.5 小分(1.01)