Palmeiras vs Boca Junio手机赌钱游戏平台

Ideal has begun its obligations to the Libertadores group, Palmeira, who
after winning Barranquilla on junior (0-3), made it 2X2 last week,
dominating 2-1 of Peruvian Alliance Lima home. She started from the
beginning of her dominance, preceded the 10 (1-0), had classical
opportunities to go with a better lead in the changing rooms, with the
start of the repetition doubled her goals (2-0 to 46), then rested, he
did not risk at least from the opponent, keeping his advantage in the
lead as the finale of the showdown.

He has laid the ground for qualifying in the next round with this strong
start, with todays victory against the Boca Juniors to gain a clear lead
over the groups first. There was a big shock to the Pauleist 1
championship, Corinthians won the first final 1-0 in the away match, but
last Sunday was defeated with the same score (0-1), losing the title in
the process of the penalty shootout. There are no particular racing

On the other side, Boca Juniors, after the start of the game and the
white draw (0-0) with Alliance in Lima, celebrated its first win in the
group, dominating with a 1-0 Colombian junior in Buenos Aires. She did
not want to score at 28 (1-0), but then she took a step from the
opponent, but not a point to lose the win. Together with Palmeiras is
the two big names of the group, it will be a huge failure, if he bid
farewell to the event so early.

In the home league, Boca experienced the home defeat of 2-1 by Deficsa
Husithia. Always at the top of Superleague, he is in the hug with the
title as he is at +7 from the second Godea and only five games left to
finish the championship. Libertadores is now the main priority, traveled
to Sao Paulo with the sole aim of avoiding defeat in order to keep alive
the hopes even for the first position of the group. Davez (Midfielder,
21, 4), who was punished in third game, did not manage to get into the
game Tevez (Striker, 7, 3).

Palmeiras vs Boca Junio手机赌钱游戏平台。耍法 主队 指数 客队 让分 帕尔梅Russ(0.97卡塔尔(قطر‎ 半球 博卡青少年(0.93卡塔尔(قطر‎