Sapporo vs Shonan

Sapporo has suffered a defeat for third consecutive game, measuring two
wins and a draw. On the previous game, Mihailo Petrovics team hosted
Nagoya, against which he managed to prevail with 3-0. Sidos (26 ) and
Tokur (69) led two goals in their team, with Kostimbiki s own goal in 73
forming the final result. It was the second consecutive match that kept
her home intact.

He scored eight points in six games. At the same time, it has been
defeated twice in its last ten home games, still counting six wins and
two draws. Besides injured Naeya Kikuchi (AM 0/0), again Ruiy Kawai (AM
0/0) is doubtful.

Sapporo vs Shonan。Return to the winning results for Sonan Belmare after four games with
two draws and two defeats. On Saturday, Ki-Ceos team hosted Kasima,
against which he beat 2-1. Although preceded by Inukyis own 5th goal, he
accepted the equation two minutes later. The final result formed in the
fourth minute of the delays Yamanne, giving victory to his team. Now, he
has scored goals in five of the six this years championship games.

He scored eight points in six games. She has not won in any of her last
three league exits, having been defeated in the two most recent of Tokyo
(1-0) and Cherezo Osaka (2-1). The South Korean technicians positive, is
the fact that he does not face a racing problem.

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