Tokyo vs Kashima

After this defeat, she remained at eight points in six games, and she
has the worst assault in the league, for now, with three goals in its
turn. She has been defeated only once in her last five away games, still
counting two wins and draws. Koki Anzai (AM 6/0) and Yassouzi Edo (ME
4/1) remain injured.


Back to defeat for Kasima, after two games with a win and a tie. On
Saturday, the Go Owe team was hosted by Sonan Belmare, where he was
defeated by 2-1. Suzuki scored in the 7th minute of the teams only goal,
equals temporarily to 1-1. Inukais own goal at 5 had put her back on the
score, finally losing the match to the delays.

玩法 主队 指数 客队 让分 FC东京(1.09) 平手 鹿岛鹿角(0.81)

Tokyo vs Kashima。Tokyo was the third consecutive victory in the championship, followed by
those against Gonzales (1-0 inside) and Gambia Osaka (3-2 in). On
Sunday, the team of Kenta Hashegawa faced offside from B-Varen Nagasaki,
against whom he prevailed with 2-5. The star of the match was Diego
Oliveira, who scored a hat trick (4 , pen. 50, 56 ), while Higgs (15)
and Nagai (40 ) found the nets.

She has scored goals in five of her six games this year. He thus reached
ten points in six games and is in fourth place, six points away from the
top. She has dominated her last two games in front of her audience. For
todays Kashima match, Coach Hasegawa will have all his players in