Shimizu vs V

Not far from the three points of victory, Simizos has been holding three
games today, with two draws and a defeat. On Saturday, Yanssons team was
hosted by Jubillo Ivata, with whom he shared one point, then 0-0. Second
consecutive match not to score and third after six games.

With the rank he took, he reached nine in total and is in fifth place,
with Cheresso Osaka, which he outranks, having a better finish. He has
not managed to win the last ten games in the league, having scored two
draws and eight defeats. Many racing problems for yet another showdown.

Ignore the three points of the win in the championship, B-Varen
Nagasaki, who after the first six games counts two draws and four
defeats. In the most recent, Takuwia Tawagis team hosted Tokyo,
defeating it with 2-5. Nakamura (25 ) and Nakahara (53) scored the goals
of their team, temporarily reducing to 1-2 and 2-4, respectively. Sixth
game to score goals.

Third consecutive defeat, then against Sapporo (1-2) and Sendai (1-0).
With two points, he is in the 17th and penultimate position, just above
the Osaka Gamba Osaka. She has been defeated in her three-year-old games
this season, in this years championship. The positive thing about Tawagi
is that he does not have a racing problem.

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.92) 2/2.5 小分(0.96)

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